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Re: [Help-gsl] Memory issues when using GSL ODE solver

From: Alex Shevtsov
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] Memory issues when using GSL ODE solver
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 06:05:40 +0100

Good morning,

Update on my thread. I could not sleep long tonight after a couple of days
fight with the memory leaks, so I got up early and started to search again.
Surprisingly, I found what was the reason of that behavior. You were all
right that it cannot be because of GSL and neither because of Python/Cython.

Ok, so here what it is. When I do my simulations I ssh to a remote computer
and launch a program. In order not to wait for it to finish being logged in
I used tmux terminal multiplexer to detach/reattach to the session in which
the calculations were running. So, the problem was in tmux! I would never
think in that direction if I did not compare this morning the same program
ran from tmux and from a simple terminal session. I ran the C example from
compiled in pure C (no Cython or Python). The result was different - no
memory leaks in a normal session, and a huge RAM consumption when I ran it
from tmux. I used tmux 1.6 provided from Ubuntu 12.04 repositories.

I made a search on google and found this,, which says "*
Lots and lots of bug fixes, fixing memory-leaks, etc."  in the new tmux 1.8
version. I decided to give it a try since after all it is a very nice and
useful thing. So, I updated from tmux 1.6 to tmux 1.8 and voila. Now I have
no memory issues neither from the simple terminal nor from tmux.

I guess the issue is solved. Thank you all for your help and quick replies.
It was quite helpful and I learnt some new things for myself.

Have a nice day!

With the best wishes,

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