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[Help-gnu-arch] RFC 1740 Support

From: Paul Snively
Subject: [Help-gnu-arch] RFC 1740 Support
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 20:41:47 -0700

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A friend and colleague, Dave Harr, and I are discussing how we might contribute to tla, which we like a lot. One area that immediately occurred to us was to somehow integrated support for RFC 1740 into the code. However, it's not apparent where the appropriate point in the code to do such an integration would be. Since RFC 1740 concerns itself with encoding and decoding of files, it would seem that some small set of bottleneck functions that deal with opening, closing, reading, and writing files, whether through the hackerlab functions or libneon functions, would be appropriate.

We would also like to add archive discovery features using ZeroConf. The idea, of course, is to make it possible for a group of hackers to show up somewhere with their WiFi laptops and automagically have their global namespace extended. To do this, we propose to use Apple's open source Rendezvous code, available at <>. Any suggestions as to where to look to hook this support in would also be most welcome.

Once again, thanks for the great work on the arch implementations, and we look forward to contributing however we can,

Paul Snively
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