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[help-GIFT] Appending to a collection, merging collections, or just "res

From: Jonas Lindqvist
Subject: [help-GIFT] Appending to a collection, merging collections, or just "restoring" db-files
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 16:05:36 +0200


Are these steps sufficient to restore the db-files or as a way to append images to a collection? (Or merge two collections, or whatever):

1. Create a bunch of .fts files in $GIFT_HOME/gift-indexing-data/ collectionName/, using gift-extract-features. (and a heap of ppm images)

2. If InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db is okay, we SHOULD be able to use it!? Or we create a new by doing something magic like: cat arbitraryPpmImage.ppm | gift-write-feature-descs | perl -ne 'print join(" ",(split(" ",$_))[0..1]),"\n";' > InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db

3. recreate a url2fts.xml, with paths to all the .fts files we want to use, and some path to thumbnails and images (for the server to use when presenting its results). A quick perl hack will do this easily.

4. Run "gift-generate-inverted-file $GIFT_HOME/gift-indexing-data/ collectionName/" to recreate InvertedFile.db and InvertedFileOffset.db (using the url2fts.xml file)

5. Restart the running gift server.

Something similar to this appeared to work when I was experimenting with the GIFT a while back, but I haven't tried it properly lately.

What do you say? Have I missed some important steps, or have I misunderstood something?


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