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[groff] [patch] Too many glyphs used in font 'xx'

From: KUBO Koichi
Subject: [groff] [patch] Too many glyphs used in font 'xx'
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2019 10:13:42 +0900
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When I tried to output japanese text as pdf using groff and type42
font, I got the messages Too many glyphs ...

$ env GROFF_TYPESETTER=pdf man -t 7 groff >a.pdf
Too many glyphs used in font 'xx'
Too many glyphs used in font 'xx'

If you run groff directly,

$ PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
$ zcat /usr/share/man/ja.eucJP/man7/groff.7.gz | \
  groff -Tpdf -pt -man -Keuc-jp >a.pdf
(groff 1.22.4, freebsd 11.2)

I found the following note in gropdf(1).

> Note that gropdf is currently only able to display the first 256
> glyphs in any font.  This restriction will be lifted in a later
> version.

So I made gropdf.patch, but applying is cumbersome...

If you do not plan to fix the above issues for a while,
I hope you will try the patch.

The patch is located at the following URL:



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