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[groff] Pagination, images and top margen

From: Mikkel Meinike Nielsen
Subject: [groff] Pagination, images and top margen
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2019 12:00:52 +0200

I am strugeling with at text and image situation using groff and ms. I have
more questions on this but I'll post them one by one. Here is my problem
right now. I am trying to insert an image in the center of the page. I want
the image to be exatly one centimiter from margen top, bottom, left, right.
It seems to go pretty well except from top margen. The pagenumber seems to
interfere and I can't find out how to get rid of it.

It could be cool to have this as a postcript input on in the top af the
code not at all interfereng with the groff code but I'll come back to that.
For now I just try to get this situation to work.

I just ned a single page and I don't want any pagination.

I attach pdf of the output. And the code. In the code never mind the
"mymarkuppp" script refered to in the top. It does not play a part in this.

Help appreciated


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