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[Gomp-discuss] fortran parser :-) ..

From: Lars Segerlund
Subject: [Gomp-discuss] fortran parser :-) ..
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:00:41 +0100

 Hi all,

  I have found the problem in the gcc 4.0 fortran parser :-) .... it does some 
 nasty backtracking in fixed form and f77 compatible form.
  Now that the problem is identified I have come up with a bugfix, ( ugly hack 
really ),
 which should make us able to parse the OMP directives :-), mainly we remember 
if we
 have been on this line before.

  I am going to make a small proof of concept, and post the code to the list, 
but in the
 long run the fortran parser will have to be fixed and I will try to work i on 

  Now an ugly hack might sound very bad, but it's ok for us, if we 'hijack' the
 scanner/parser until were done, this way the only thing that goes away with a
 working scanner/parser is our ugly hack, the code doing gomp stuff stays the 

  I hope this sounds reasonable to everyone.

 Did anybody have a good look at the c/c++ parser and figure out if we have to 
 a new one or if we can use it for fortran also ?
 If the statements are exactly the same we might use different backends, ( ie. 
 table driven ?? ).

  This is exiting, I really feel like omitting something nasty for the 
gimplifier :-) .

 / regards, Lars Segerlund.

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