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Suggestions for wiki pages: Writing_portable_code

From: Max Berger
Subject: Suggestions for wiki pages: Writing_portable_code
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 09:49:22 +0200
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Dear Webmasters,

the wiki is locked, so I'll send my suggestions here, in the hope that
they are useful:

For the wiki page Writing_portable_code

On porting Cocoa -> GNUStep:

When saving a NIB file in project builder, ensure that "10.2 or later"
format is selected. Also, ensure that "Use text archive format" is NOT
checked, as this created problems (gnustep-gui 0.11)

The section "Cocoa.h" is superfluos, gnustep-gui ships with a Cocoa.h
file for compatibility. It should therefore read: On older Gnustep
systems, you may have to ....

What would be nice is a page "ObjC Coding conventions" which is linked
from the portable code page, explaing some of the common stuff, such as
"BOOL", "YES", "NO", nil/null/NULL

Otherwise, thanks for the great pages, and I'll try to continue porting
my app to GNUstep :)


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