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Re: Desktop environment additions

From: Michael J. Hammel
Subject: Re: Desktop environment additions
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:02:44 -0600 (CST)

Thus spoke Dennis Leeuw
> Hi,
> I am missing something on your site and that is the GNUstep environment.
> The links:
>       : Official GNUstep site
> : GNUstep Environment site
> Greetings,
> Dennis Leeuw

Thanks for the update Dennis.  Apparently (based on notes on the GNUstep
website) I'm not the only one who mistakenly thought of GNUstep as just
another window manager.  I've added a link for GNUstep to the Desktops Page
sidebar under the Environments section.

Note to Webmaster at GNUstep:  I noticed you have weekly news updates
there.  If you can forward me a text copy of the news each week I'll be
sure to post them in both the Daily page as well as the next available
Weekly edition here at  Perhaps that will help spread the word a
little more for your project.  Thanks, and best of luck!

LWN Editorial Staff  address@hidden 
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Daily Edition:

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