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RE: Search Tool for Your Site

From: ed_bauer
Subject: RE: Search Tool for Your Site
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 16:30:46 -0600


I was visiting your site,, found your email address, and wanted 
to make you aware of a tool that I think you will find very beneficial for your 
users.  The tool is Fusionbot, and it gives your visitors, such as myself, the 
capability to search your site and help them quickly find what they are looking 
for. It gives you the capability to understand what visitors can and cannot 
find at your site via our real-time graphical reports.

I think you will be so impressed with this tool that I've prepared a sample 
index (up to 100 pages) of your site to show you how it works. Just click the 
link below and search for specific keywords within your site:

It's entirely web-based, so all you have to do is paste a few lines of HTML 
code on your page.  This code inserts the search box on your site.  I've 
included the code at the end of this message.

This example will stop working in 30 days, so please give it a try and let me 
know what you think.  If you feel you and your visitors can benefit from this 
tool, simply visit our site at to learn more about 
FusionBot's features and available packages.  From there, sign-up for the FREE 
or one of the paid packages, and you're done! An actual subscription will index 
more pages and allow you to format the search results, making them look exactly 
like the rest of your site.

I think you will be impressed and pleased with how easy it is to add search to 
your site.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



P.S. Here's the HTML code I referenced above:

<!-- Begin site search engine code -->
  <DIV ALIGN="left"><P><FONT SIZE=1 FACE="Arial">Search our Site:</FONT><BR>
  <INPUT TYPE=text NAME="keys" SIZE="15">
  <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Search"><BR>
  <FONT SIZE=1 FACE="Arial"><A 
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="sitenbr" VALUE="33954924">
  <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="siteurl" VALUE="">
<!-- End site search engine code -->

P.S.S. This email is being sent to you directly from my account.  You are not 
part of any sort of automated list.  If you do not wish for us to maintain this 
sample index for the 30 days, please click the following link:

reply via email to

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