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From: Tobias Frisch
Subject: gnunet-messenger-service
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 18:32:29 +0200

Hello again,

I could fix the last major bug today in my library for the upcoming messenger service for decentralized chat rooms. I will upload the last commits on gitlab as soon as I have internet access again. ^^'

I have arranged everything since my last mail to work as gnunet service to allow multiple client applications on the same peer.

I will probably still test stability and organize the code (add proper comments to functions and such) but it could actually work already.

The next steps would be:
- adding mostly automatic file sharing to the API
- storing contacts with reclaimID instead of local files
- allow kicking members from group and updating its key ( probably using consensus )
- advancing access and permissions for groups (especially for private chats)

So my question would be: How do I get access to push to the official gnunet repository? (probably a custom branch would be enough at first)

I could also look for implementing the timeout for cadet if nobody else is already on it.

Happy hacking

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