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File sharing insfrastructure

From: Luis
Subject: File sharing insfrastructure
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 22:39:51 -0300

Hello there, I'm new here.

There is a lot of information to gather and I'm still starting to look at it. 
Could anybody here comment on the following (or point to places where I can 
start to find more information)?

I've been playing with the idea of implementing a proof of concept project on 
top of GNUnet filesharing API. But there are a few questions that I would like 
to search the answers for, before diving into everything:

1) How does GNUnet deal with filesharing "abuse"? For instance, somebody puts a 
lot of objects/files in the network but doesn't share storage.

2) I've read that when you first share a file, it might take a few hours to be 
available. Is it accurate?

3) How does GNUnet breaks the files for storage? Does it use same size chunks?

4) Does is have any kind of "swarming" (like bittorent, for instance) to make 
is easier to handle a lot of demand?

5) For development ideas and objections. I saw there there is software written 
in C and also in Nim. If you could recommend any more modern then C ou C++ to 
develop for GNUnet, what would you recommend and why (be creative)?

Well, thanks in advance for any hints,
Luis Fernando Soeiro

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