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[GNUnet-developers] Re: RAID (0, 1, and etc ) arrays on the basis of gnu

From: N. Durner
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Re: RAID (0, 1, and etc ) arrays on the basis of gnunet nods ???
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 12:52:27 +0200
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> On Friday 07 April 2006 09:29, Красько Олександр wrote:
>> Did I have such idea, is it possible to organize something like a
>> programmatic RAID (A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks)
>> array from a few nods which are utillized for filesharing? if possibly
>>  as ?  will it usually need interference with a sources code, how it
>> is on your opinion better to walk up to it and how possibly it
>> practically in general ? from what side it is better to it to begin ?
>> possibly I write foolishness

Christian Grothoff wrote:
> Well, I certainly understand only half of it, and what I understand makes 
> little sense.  Remember, GNUnet is for *anonymous* file sharing, and RAID on 
> the other hand is generally used to get performance / throughput.  Those two 
> goals do not go too well together.
We could add a tool to "subscribe" to content (Namespace/Directory/File)
which is downloaded and inserted locally in certain intervalls.

F'up to gnunet-developers.


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