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Re: forms/src/ - vbox/hbox - block - description: scrollbar?

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: forms/src/ - vbox/hbox - block - description: scrollbar?
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:37:43 -0700

> function of the block attribute of h/vbox ...
> is to be a default for all child elements

Makes sense, sounds good.
>From the perspective of Designer, this would allow (but not require)
placing a block attribute on the h/vbox element, without having to place
one on each entry inside.

Can I assume that such default applies for multiple nested levels,
e.g. the following?

      <vbox name="Vbox01" block="blkGNUE1" label="None">
        <hbox name="Hbox1">
          <entry name="entGdate" field="fldGdate" label="Gdate:"/>
        <hbox name="Hbox2">
          <entry name="entGnum" bfield="fldGnum" label="gNum:"/>

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