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Re: forms/src/ - vbox/hbox - block - description: scrollbar?

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: forms/src/ - vbox/hbox - block - description: scrollbar?
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 10:00:57 +0200

Am Mittwoch, den 27.07.2011, 15:13 -0700 schrieb Randall Whitman:
> While looking in forms/src/ for reference, I noticed that
> the description of block attribute for h,vbox tags, refers to
> scrollbar rather than to h/vbox.


> Not sure of the function of the block attribute of h/vbox,
> I'll just mention it here.

The main function is to be a default for all child elements, so the
block doesn't have to be explicitly stated for all entries in the (quite
usual) case that all entries within the box are bound to the same block.

There's a small second function: depending on the UI, the mouse wheel
can scroll within the given block whenever the mouse is within the box.


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