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Re: [glug-nith-discuss] Minutes of meeting on IRC online summer training

From: Rakesh Pandit
Subject: Re: [glug-nith-discuss] Minutes of meeting on IRC online summer training - May 12, 2016
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 11:34:49 +0300

Hi Arihant,

On 13 May 2016 at 13:44, Arihant Verma wrote:
> Hey Rohan / Debarshi Ray and Rakesh / all !
> I just went through the MOM email that Rohan sent this morning. I'm
> interested in helping out in any session I can be useful for or host one or
> both.
> Please let me know how'd the sessions take place / structure of training on
> IRC channels (that is?)
> I can help in
> - Soft Skills and Career Guidance
> - Web Technologies
> - Git (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) {If there's such distinction that is}
> - Scripting (Javascript / Nodejs)
> Also please also let me know anything else that might be helpful for me to
> understand what we are expecting out of the summer training.

Great! Thanks for volunteering and we are looking for more help. There is still
discussion happening regarding this and mostly on IRC.

Feel free to join us on IRC or you can coordinate here or email with
Rohan or others.

There is no plan as such to my knowledge but most likely there would be more
meetings coming and you or anyone else is welcome to join.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Rakesh Pandit

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