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[gfsd]Duplicate messages on mail-user's server account

From: Bill Kiss
Subject: [gfsd]Duplicate messages on mail-user's server account
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 10:59:16 -0700 (PDT)

Currently running: RHLinux-v6.1; Sendmail-8.9.8;
GNU-POP3-v0.9.8 (August 1998).
Dual SMP P-II 400s w/ 1 GB RAM
w/ 9.6 GB RAID 5 array

The problem here seems to be an issue of: When an
Outlook Express client (v5.0 / 5.5 or 4.nn) requests
that a copy of mail be held on the server... when a
"Pull" from the mail account user's directory is
performed on new mail, (Duplicate messages exist..
[more than ONE of the original]...(these duplicates
have been generated by something, at some point in
time)(when they are generated and by what means is the
crux of the issue here) not a normal response).  This
problem also is occurring with Outlook / Exchange BOTH
with / or without SMTP.  The problem does NOT seem to
occur when "Retain Message on Server" is NOT checked
in the Outlook Express configuration template.

Unfortunately, at this point, all of the original
messages and their duplicates have been deleted.

We will be retaining any new messages that have
duplicates for close scrutiny.  This situation does
NOT happen on a consistent basis...(intermittent

The mail server will be replaced next week with a
'better / faster / more robust' piece of h/w.  We are
looking at by the middle of the week.  Our plan is
also to UPDATE ALL O/S Application components at this
juncture also. (RHLinux 7.2 & current versions of
Sendmail and related POP3-GNU modules).

It appears to be a Microsoft / GNU / Sendmail /  Linux
issue / as it interfaces (or does NOT as the case may
be) with retaining a 'copy' of mail messages on the

Is there a mail-user "profile" table / txt file that
sets some type of 'FLAG' entry as to message retention
on the server?

I mean, the variables are 'all-over-the-lot' and today
I'm focusing on building a problem definition matrix
so that we can eliminate most of the 'variable'
hit-list by the middle of next week when the new
server and new software version(s) are installed.

Dual SMP 933 GHz PIIIs
60 GB RAID 5 array

Have you ever had any SIMILAR problems / malfunctions
with the GNU / Sendmail / MS-Exchange "interface"?

Any and all insight and assistance that you could
offer in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.  Bill Kiss

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