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[Gcl-devel] gcl 2.7 things stacked up

From: Dennis Decker Jensen
Subject: [Gcl-devel] gcl 2.7 things stacked up
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 14:32:28 +0000

Hi everybody!

I took the opportunity to check my saved mails for things
talked about regarding current gcl-dev 2.7 from the time around
beginning of January until now, mid of April.  I've deleted a
lot mails, so it is by no means exhaustive.

In fact, a lot of these things is already mentioned in the faq
and readme files (/usr/share/doc/gcl-doc/{faq,readme.gz}).

The names in the parantheses are just those who talked about
it or mentioned it in their mails on the mailing list (I may
have mixed a couple of names). There is bound to be more not
mentioned here I think; also I haven't bothered to sort it in
priority or any other order.

* ANSI issues:
        physical pathnames (bug #7935; Dennis)
        logical pathnames and translations (CLC (Dennis) and CLOCC (Chris))
        load-time-value (Paul)
        *features* with mutually exclusive :ansi-cl and :cltl1
        what ever Paul can come up with :-)
* configure and make:
        general cleaning up (Mike, Camm, Tim and ???)
        --enable-tiny (axiom on handhelds and "the tiny lisp cup")
        --disable-unexec (Mike; having compiler::link as the only option)
* loadable modules (tcltk, pargcl and xgcl separated nicely)
* dbl-mode (cleanup)
* update website and documentation
* graphics: XLib, xgcl-2 (working; Gordon Novak), and OpenGL (Michael K.)
* GUIs: GTK (Tim) and TCLTK (cleanup?). CLIM or GarnetX (needs CLX/XLib)?
* perfomance issues:
        automatic insertion of `dynamic-extent' declarations
                where permissible (stream and fixnum; Camm)
        autoprototyping (Eric and his TAK-proc; huge speed improvement!)
        automatic function proclamations (Mike)
* removing the bfd quasi-portable reloc. scheme to save 1 - 1.5 MiB (Camm)?
* running on the {Free,Open,Net}BSD
* remaining windows issues? (Mike)
* remaining macosx issues? (Aurelien)
* remaining memory issues?
* remaining binutils issues?
* remaining ... ?
* agressive testing? (Camm, Paul)
* Camm-magic...
* More Camm-magic...
* ...
* ...

A lot of things happened, and more are to come.

Thanks for all your work!

Dennis Decker Jensen

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