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Re: address@hidden: Re: [Gcl-devel] apparent GCL 2.5.0 bug on Redhat 7.3

From: Matt Kaufmann
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: [Gcl-devel] apparent GCL 2.5.0 bug on Redhat 7.3]
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 10:07:20 -0600 (CST)

Thank you for your help.  I'm sure it will be useful if/when I muster up the
courage to rebuilt gcc.  And, I hadn't known about forcing installs, and your
suggestion led me to the --nodups option (I think that's what it was called)
did the trick for installing gcl without the tck/tk stuff.

Thanks --
-- Matt
   Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 08:31:18 -0800 (PST)
   From: C Y <address@hidden>
   Cc: address@hidden
   Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

   --- Matt Kaufmann <address@hidden> wrote:

   > My machine runs Redhat 7.3, and in fact gcc 2.96.  I'd replace it
   > with 2.95, but I really am a novice maintaining my Linux box and I am

   > nervous about trying to install gcc 2.95 from a tar file (and I
   > find an rpm for it).  

   It's not actually all that hard - I've done it on a Redhat box before. 
   You just decompress and expand the tar file, make a separate build
   directory, run configure from that build directory (NOT in the
   directory that you decompressed the tarball to), and make.  Then as
   root do make install.  So it goes something like this (note this is
   from memory - I haven't done it in awhile):

   tar -xvzf gcc-2.95.4.tar.gz
   mkdir gccbuild
   cd gccbuild
   ../gcc-2.95.4/configure {add any options you want/need here}
   {wait a rather long time}
   rpm -e gcc
   make install 

   Note - you don't remove your old gcc until the new one is built - I was
   silly and made that mistake one.  if your prefix is /usr/local it's
   probably better - otherwise make install might overwrite rpm files
   which will then get removed when you remove the rpm.  I think I went
   ahead and installed with prefix /usr (run configure with the option
   --prefix=/usr)since in my expereince on Redhat it made things simpler
   for future use, but if you do that you need to be sure to remove the
   rpm before running make install, to avoid the rpm command grabbing
   files from your build.  If you forget and this does happen, just run
   make install again.  

   > So I'm happy to drop this issue.  For what it's worth, here is a log
   > showing
   > the problem I had installing the rpm I I just downloaded at
   > ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcl/cvs/gcl-2.5.0.cvs20020625-65.i386.rpm:
   >   address@hidden temp]$ su root
   >   Password: 
   >   address@hidden temp]# pwd
   >   /home/kaufmann/temp
   >   address@hidden temp]# rpm --install
   > gcl-2.5.0.cvs20020625-65.i386.rpm
   >   error: failed dependencies:
   >      libtcl8.3.so.1   is needed by gcl-2.5.0.cvs20020625-65
   >      libtk8.3.so.1   is needed by gcl-2.5.0.cvs20020625-65
   >   address@hidden temp]# 
   > I didn't see these so.1 files at redhat.com but I'm not sure I'd know
   > what to do with them anyhow.

   This looks like an indication that you don't have tcl8.3 and tk8.3
   installed - you probably have an older version.  If not, check to see
   if these files or similar ones are in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib.  If
   they are, the you can force the install and not worry.  You might get
   away with it anyway, since as far as I know no one is actually using
   the tcl bindings for anything yet, but to be sure you can check for
   those files.  (Note - I don't know how "approved" this trick is, but if
   you have a library similar to the ones it's looking for (eg
   libtcl.8.3.so), you can make a soft link from the file that does exist
   the the name of the one gcl is looking for, then force the rpm install.
    This is how I got blender to work on a machine I had that was lacking
   the exact library I needed but had something similar.  Be warned,
   however - if it's not the actual library gcl wants, crashes may result
   if it tries to call something which should be in the library and isn't.
    In this case I doubt it matters much.)


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