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[Fsuk-manchester] Fri 21 Mar: Meatbeer geek social

From: Paul Waring
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Fri 21 Mar: Meatbeer geek social
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 19:13:46 +0000
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On Friday 21st March a number of us from various geek groups will be going for a Brazilian "meatbeer" social at Bem Brasil in the Northern Quarter[1]. We'll be meeting outside the restaurant at 7pm and going straight in for a meal, followed by drinks at a nearby pub.

The food is a fixed price (around £25) and drinks are extra.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but I have not booked a table as this restaurant requires a per-person deposit and collecting that from a variable number of dispersed people is a pain. In the event that there isn't a large enough table, the group might have to split over several tables, or in the worse case move on to a nearby thai restaurant.


[1] http://www.bembrasilrestaurants.com/restaurants/northern-quarter

Paul Waring

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