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[Fsuk-manchester] Ubuntu begginers guide, reply

From: Anna Morris
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Ubuntu begginers guide, reply
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 13:29:23 +0000

Hi all, sorry for  the delayed reply. Have had a pretty awful week in the long and short of it.

Jon (you really are nice) spriggs: I would love to help at one of your days too, but will also run this session as well. The more the merrier : ) Please let me know. Well done on making baby.

General. Ok, I was thinking maybe mid February - on a Saturday?  So 12th or 19th. 12th is better. On on an evening in that period. I guess it depends on what time and day is free. Below I have rambled of my idea of the evening, and the running order and kit. This is very much an embryo - please let me know how you feel and if you think it would be better different, if its not practical, to long, etc etc.


I was thinking mulled wine and vegan cupcakes (i make), brief introductions, and a talk about the Philosophy side for half and hour, also introducing some basic technical info such as the linux kernel and the library issue. Basic tech info to show how politics and computers are related.

then a break,

Then I say we have some time to show some installs starting on our machines- (laptops??) and we can leave them to happen during the next bit of talk.

then half and hour max on an introduction to the software and how it works. Expanding on some interesting jargon and lots of fun info about software and bigging up the simplicity factor. In this I also want a frank discussion of the down sides of ubuntu. I think its important that people know this early on or they wont trust the movement when they suddenly discover a bloody stupid bug! (like on 10.10 if you put a capital letter in your hard drive name on install it wont let you get past 80%. I spent DAYS trying to install for such a lameass buglett!!!!!)

However we need to explain this in terms of empowerment - how you can actually fix and change things you dont like. Maybe reference Jeremy clarksons arguments about if you are not interested in driving you shouldn't have a car/ (washing up/wash up), etc. So we Try and excite people to LEARN about computers, and explain how powerful it makes them to demand improvement and that they should have a right to do this. This obviously goes back to the philosophy side - garden of eden point, but we need to give real examples of people getting what they want out of the software. for example Linux emporium are going to customise some stuff for me when I get my computer from them. etc,. This also feeds into the "how can they make money." maybe go over the canonical and linux emporium business model very briefly.

I think that both of these talks should be done with two people. A tecky and a non tecky. This is important to show how much can be achieved by a non tech - and that tecks are human too! Also to show that there are people out there to help, and that we all work together.

Then we need to end this section by going through quickly the info you need to know for installl - basically what the computers have been doing while the talk was on.

Then playtime:
let everyone have a go and ask questions to the people who run it, have some more food and drink and generally have fun. sell some stuff too.
the whole thing should last maybe 2 hours/ 2.5.

When they leave I want to give them a "party bag" with an install disk, a sticker or two, some useful websites for help and a fact sheet covering all the info. Also leave a chance for them to sign up to some mailing lists etc on the way out.


ok. its a lot to fit in, but i am very excited.

As for advertising, and numbers, booking, places, cost? any ideas?

I think maybe advertise on gum tree, in a few shops like unicorn grocery, and at the unis etc.

Hope you are all well

let me know.

Can we have a planning meeting that is in the real world? I am a bit of an dunce with emails, they stress me out!

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