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[epsilon-doc] shortly dud

From: Rob Hayden
Subject: [epsilon-doc] shortly dud
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 04:26:29 -0500

Why have you not gone to thewoods with the other women?
Behold death hunting all things, thought Wi to himself. She goes out to sea in her hollow log and returnsleading a host of Red Wanderers.
What she will do next I do not know, but I am sure she has worse giftsin her bag. Wi came out of the cleft and stood still, thinking.
There may have been more that weretaken out to sea. TheWitch-from-the-Sea whom Wi clasps upon his breast has not died fortreachery.
Pull it out, Pag, she said, recovering her feet. Aye, it burns out poison and staunches blood, answered Pag as hecovered Laleela with her cloak. But this was not so, for the wind blew from the bull to him.
So the Witch lives, she said in a low voice, and has found a nurse.
Then, if it fell among rocks, why is the shaft covered with mud,Father?
It was by a chance, answered Laleela with a smile. Yes, answered Wi, the tribe fought very well. They tell me that you have conqueredthose Red-Beards. Aye, while Pag pulled she still smiled, thoughhe noted that her lips turned pale and twitched. Do you mean that Laleela the White Witch should also be sacrificed tothe Ice-gods?
Yes, answered Wi, the tribe fought very well. Sweet was herface as she lay thus asleep, and yet, as he thought, sad and troubled.
They tell me that you have conqueredthose Red-Beards. Wi gave no answer, for anger made him speechless.
You fight these Wanderers and drivethem away, for a time.
Wi rose and came to her, then asked:Who told you that I was going to marry her?
Nearer came the bellowing and the crashings, and now he saw the greatbrute. Then, able to bear no more, Wi turned and left the cave. Now I go to tend the wounded of our own people.

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