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Re: [Enigma-devel] Hi from Ray Re: Enigma Level "Impulsive Order"

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Hi from Ray Re: Enigma Level "Impulsive Order"
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 23:54:13 +0200
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Thanks for this nice level :-)

Andreas Lochmann wrote:
thank you very much for your new level, as well as the
corrections to your older levels, it's great to see you
active again :-)

We could add some oxyd rules to make the oxyd
distribution less decisive for "Impulsive Order"?

And possibly an easy mode which activates the laser
only for a short period of time, s.t. only one bomb
column is ignited each time you pass the first trigger?
Plus larger islands in the lower part, to make
jumping more easy.

I aggree.

Ray Wick schrieb:
Enigma E-mail List,

Here is my latest development of a new Enigma Level, "Impulsive Order". Please try it. Your comments are welcome.

There is a critical typo in your level that could cause Enigma 1.01 to crash and the development version of Enigma 1.10 to load this level:

MARBLE = "st-marble"

is  a stone!

cells["J"] = function( x, y )
    set_floor( MARBLE, x, y )
--    set_stone( "st-grate1", x, y )

You try to set a stone via "set_floor()" !

Of course it should be "set_stone(MARBLE, x, y)".

But as Enigma 1.01 does not report any error nobody will notice it, unless Enigma crashes.



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