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Re: [Enigma-devel] Graphics

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Graphics
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 01:58:54 +0100
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Laughlan F schrieb:
Hello, I'm new and I'd like to work on graphics for SuperTux, so how do I do
that. Do I just post them to this mailing list, or is there some upload
forum somewhere?

Thanks for your interest in helping to develop Opensource Games,
but this is not the mailing list for SuperTux, but for Enigma.

I'm not sure, whether the devel-mailing list from SuperTux is still
used, I tried it a while ago, but didn't succeed :-/

Maybe you should try and mail directly to one of its developers?
I think, this is the current Supertux homepage:
This is the development homepage at Berlios:
There, you see the developers on the right, and adding
"@berlios.de" should give you the email-address (?).

I wish you much success on your journey :-)

Btw: Just from curiosity; how did you come to mail to *this* list?

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