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RE: [Enigma-devel] Finnish translation

From: Iceshark7
Subject: RE: [Enigma-devel] Finnish translation
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:26:25 +0300

Hello Kari,

As the author of the Finnish translation this far, I expected the
translation to have some errors in certain parts of the language. Since the
game didn't have a Finnish translation, thought I sent in one. Anyone who is
interested improving the translation is more than welcome to do so.

However, I don't understand why you want a translation to be removed just
because it contains a lot of errors. While it might not be in its best
quality at the moment, it's still better than nothing.

Myself, I have tons of other things on my hands at the moment, which is a
reason why I haven't even played Enigma for a long time. This is why the
translation has been left unmaintainted by me. And as far I can tell, you
are the first one commenting about the translation, since it is rare to have
an interest to a translation file of a certain language only about 5 million

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Subject: [Enigma-devel] Finnish translation

Hello there,

please consider removing ASAP the existing Finnish translation of the
game. The translation is unbelievably awkward, inferior and VERY
erroneous. It's not worth of Enigma to include a translation like that
in this great game. If I were a novice to Enigma and started reading the
Finnish interface, I would burst into laughter and forget the game...

I could write a good Finnish translation, given time and advice (which
files to edit, some general quidelines etc.). But since I'm a relatively
slow worker and involved in numerous other projects, it's maybe better
that someone else would do it.

Thank you.

Username: Vinksu

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