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[Enigma-devel] My First Levels!

From: Space man
Subject: [Enigma-devel] My First Levels!
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 19:17:58 -0000

Thanks to Andreas Lochmann for the comments.

I didn't make it through "Fatal Attraction II", but I think that it's solvable. And by far not "very easy" as you stated, concerning difficulty I'd say: lower middle-field.
>That's good! I thought I would always be making very simple levels!

"Fatal Attraction IV" has a bug with its borders, but nothing that can't be repaired. Yet, it somehow leaves the framework of "Fatal Attraction I-III", as there aren't any rubberbands.
And it's much easier than the first three, as you can totally circumvent the rotors. My suggestion: Give each of the two >hiding-places a second exit to the side (some kind of back-door), which opens at the same time with the first one.
Then add rubber-bands between the marbles and the rotors.
So you can get out of your hideaway if you're fast enough.
>That's a good Idea

In "Hmm?" there seems to be at least one bug; shouldn't it be
  Signal ("st(1 4)","st(3 4)")
instead of
  Signal ("st(1 4)","it(3 4)")  ?
>I didn't code the level myself, it was written by BlackBallEd

Maybe this should be with the other signal to an item as well. The overall idea is suited for a beginner's level, to learn that some walls aren't walls. But I'm not yet convinced. Is it intentional that the "trapped"-message is wrong? (You aren't trapped, as the walls are movable.)
>There is a problem with the walls, I don’t know how to stop them from being moveable. I can recode the .lua file if I need to , but what do I change?


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