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[Enigma-devel] Orphaning the Debian package

From: Erich Schubert
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Orphaning the Debian package
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:25:14 +0200
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I need to reorganize my life and concentrate more on my studies.
Therefore i today announced that i'll orphan the enigma debian package.
I hope some other maintainer will pick the package up:
it was easy to maintain (very little work due to good source), and i
enjoyed it.  If i would keep any of my package i would probably keep
enigma - i loved oxyd on my old atari ;)

Good Luck.

Erich Schubert
        erich@(mucl.de|debian.org)        --        GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C
        To understand recursion you first need to understand recursion.
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