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From: Jorge P . de Morais Neto
Subject: Re: [O] CUSTOM_ID vs ID
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 21:53:01 -0300
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Em 2019-07-28T10:10:01+0200, Nicolas Goaziou escreveu:

> Custom ID are user-defined, and only meaningful in the scope of the
> document. Also, they may appear as-is when exported, e.g., as an anchor
> in HTML.
> ID are (or should be) generated by Org, and are valid across files,
> which means they need to be absolutely unique.  
>> When would I ever have both an ID and a CUSTOM_ID property for
>> a heading?
> You may want to refer to a heading from anywhere with id:... but need
> a clean anchor in HTML export, for example.

Instead of CUSTOM_ID I prefer to use a dedicated target (between double
angular brackets).  This way the link target is conspicuous, which
reduces the chance of me inadvertently removing or moving that heading
and causing dead links.  One disadvantage is that it generates ugly HTML
anchors.  But why does Org not use the dedicated target text as an

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