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[O] Bug: ? org-log-done-with-time set as a file local variable does not

From: Niall Dooley
Subject: [O] Bug: ? org-log-done-with-time set as a file local variable does not have the desired effect
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2019 16:25:56 +0000

Firstly, this may or may not be a bug so apologies if I've incorrectly
labelled the subject line.

I use org-habits to track my habits defined in a habits.org file. I log each
time I perform the habit with a :LOGGING: DONE(!) property. This adds an entry
to a :LOGBOOK: drawer each time I mark the habit done. I understand, ! means
the log entry includes the date and time I mark the entry DONE. In fact, if I
remove the ! the scheduled time of the habit is move forward but no entry
appears in the :LOGBOOK: drawer. I would like such entries to only include the
date and not the time as I don't care when during the day it was done only
that it was done that day. I'm aware of org-log-done-with-time with its
default value of t. Setting this to nil will ensure only the date is included.
However, I want this behaviour only for habit tasks. For other tasks I want to
log the date+time as I want to produce clock reports to know how much time I
have spent on a task.

I've set org-log-done-with-time as a file local variable (in my habits.org) to
nil. Oddly, the Local Variables section was initially visible at the end of
this file but is no longer visible (when visiting this file in subssequent
sessions) though the variable is still set to nil for buffers visiting this

(1) Why do I no longer see this Local Variables section in this file?

Despite setting this local variable it does not have the desired effect and
:LOGBOOK: drawer entries for my habits still display the date+time instead of
only the date.

(2) Why does this not achieve what I want? Presumably, I'm setting the wrong
variable or perhaps it is not possible to do via an existing setting.

The org manual page [0] suggests this is possible, though the TODO state
changes in the example are not within a :LOGBOOK: drawer which is perhaps

[0] https://orgmode.org/manual/Tracking-your-habits.html#Tracking-your-habits



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