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[O] Reanalyzing archived TO-DOs

From: Avery Chan
Subject: [O] Reanalyzing archived TO-DOs
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2016 10:32:42 +0800

Hey all,

First I want to apologize for emailing this group. I tried searching the mail archives, but:

• Gmane is down.
• The lists.gnu.org search is broken; using the keyword ‘archive’ as the search string leads to 0 references.

I also did the prerequisite Google and search on Stackoverflow and Reddit.

I use org-mode as a TO-DO list: I setup a list of things to do, assign time estimates to them, schedule them, and clock-in/clock-out. One of my goals is to see how much time is actually spent on my to-dos versus the amount of time I allocate to them. 

One problem is what to do with completed tasks. They clutter up my todo list so I usually archive them to another file. My problem is that after archiving them, I can't compare the 'effort' with the actual 'clock time' easily (i.e. using `C-c C-x C-c     (org-agenda-columns)` doesn't return the same results in my original org file as it does in the archived file.)

**What's a workflow that will allow me to open up my archived TO-DOs to evaluate them?**

Thank you!


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