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Re: [O] error while upgrading to 8.3.5

From: Vikas Rawal
Subject: Re: [O] error while upgrading to 8.3.5
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:44:30 +0530

>> I did the usual "make up2" in my git repository but got the following
>> error (just pasting the tail of the log):
> Note that "make up2" doesn't upgrade to 8.3.5, as subject suggests, but
> moves to the head of the development version, i.e., something like
> 9.0-alpha.

hmm. Let me deal with that once I figure out what is wrong with “make up2”.

>> What do I do? Re-install?
> Could you run the failing test again using, e.g.,
>  BTEST_RE=columns-summary make test
> and paste the exact failure?

This is what I get:

Test test-org-colview/columns-summary backtrace:
  (if (unwind-protect (setq value-44442 (apply fn-44440 args-44441)) (
  (let (form-description-44444) (if (unwind-protect (setq value-44442
  (let ((value-44442 (quote ert-form-evaluation-aborted-44443))) (let
  (let ((fn-44440 (function equal)) (args-44441 (list "705d 01h 0m 0s"
  (closure (t) nil (let ((fn-44355 (function equal)) (args-44356 (list
  #[0 "\306\307!r\211q\210\310\311\312\313\314\315!\316\"\317\320%DC
  funcall(#[0 "\306\307!r\211q\210\310\311\312\313\314\315!\316\"\31
  ert--run-test-internal([cl-struct-ert--test-execution-info [cl-struc
  #[0 "r\304 q\210\305 )\306\307\310\311\312\313!\314\"\315\316%DC\2
  funcall(#[0 "r\304 q\210\305 )\306\307\310\311\312\313!\314\"\315\
  ert-run-test([cl-struct-ert-test test-org-colview/columns-summary "T
  ert-run-or-rerun-test([cl-struct-ert--stats "columns-summary" [[cl-s
  ert-run-tests("columns-summary" #[385 "\306\307\"\203D\211\211G\31
  (let ((org-id-track-globally t) (org-test-selector (if org-test-sele
  eval((org-test-run-batch-tests org-test-select-re))
  command-line-1(("--eval" "(setq vc-handled-backends nil org-startup-
Test test-org-colview/columns-summary condition:
       (equal "705d 01h 0m 0s"
              (cl-letf ... ...)))
      (equal "705d 01h 0m 0s" "705d 00h 0m 0s")
      :value nil :explanation
      (array-elt 6
                  (49 "#x31" "?1")
                  (48 "#x30" "?0")))))
   FAILED  1/1  test-org-colview/columns-summary

Ran 1 tests, 0 results as expected, 1 unexpected (2016-07-25 18:37:21+0530)

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