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[O] Feature request: full-frame or not full-frame

From: Skorzhinskiy Mikhail
Subject: [O] Feature request: full-frame or not full-frame
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 17:36:22 +0300
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I want to implement one small feature in the org-mode, but I don't know
would anyone interested in such feature or not.

There are fixes appears in org-mode not very long time ago. That fixes
introduce new behavior of org-mode-related windows (agenda, capture and
etc). Before that changes most of the org-mode windows takes full size
of a frame (by deleting all other windows). Now org-mode windows are
just created, so you can see other buffers when calling it. Such
behaviour is preferable in most cases (user definitely wants to see
buffer from where he call capture).

But, there are exists some use-cases when *I* want the old behaviour.
For example, when I call capture not from some emacs buffer, but from
some other place. From the external browser, from a script or from windows
manager for example. And in such cases, emacs frame dissected to pieces
of different buffers is not that I want to see.

Right now I have the bunch of hooks and spikes to call
(delete-other-windows) after window with org-mode buffer appears. But I
wonder, maybe it's better to implement this customization inside the
org-mode? So I can add a new variable that will control the behaviour of
org-mode windows, so the user can decide what is preferable. Just like in
the Man package (Man-notify-method).

So, what do you think?

best regards,
Skorzhinskiy Mikhail

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