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[O] Bug: src block asterisk escaping doesn't work anymore

From: Robert Klein
Subject: [O] Bug: src block asterisk escaping doesn't work anymore
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 15:48:39 +0200


When exporting a source block, e.g. 

--- snip (example org file) ---
#+begin_src conf

  ,* asterisk in src block
--- snip ---

the escaping of the asterisk does not work.  Instead a headline
“asterisk in src block” is created.

Adding a second comma works but that doesn't work well with C-' source
editing (I didn't test tangling).

Git bisect leads me to this commit:

0279d84cd7f857535342b4ec3c2e70ac76c1ee27 is the first bad commit
commit 0279d84cd7f857535342b4ec3c2e70ac76c1ee27
Author: Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Jun 17 14:16:39 2016 +0200

    ob-exp: Remove spurious comma un-escaping
    * lisp/ob-exp.el (org-babel-exp-code): Remove spurious comma

:040000 040000 d9b76ef4148894bc257394a3fe2bb3c970194f14
a8c9ca31e9ebed5b4d5e634193e8e1e1755faea8 M      lisp

PS: I'm using maint, but I also saw this on a recent master

Best regards

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