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Re: [O] Favorite way of syncing?

From: Ramon Diaz-Uriarte
Subject: Re: [O] Favorite way of syncing?
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 21:18:51 +0200

On Sun, 13-09-2015, at 09:07, Paul Rudin <address@hidden> wrote:
> Eric S Fraga <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Friday, 11 Sep 2015 at 18:42, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote:
>> [...]
>>> I use syncthing (https://syncthing.net/) which, admittedly, does not
>>> require a server nor uses SSH :-). I keep four computers in sync this way,
>>> and also use it to send/receive the org files (with MobileOrg) to/from
>> Thanks for the heads up on this.  The only thing I use Dropbox for is
>> MobileOrg and I would love to avoid using a proprietary *and* closed
>> system, especially as some of the content is sensitive.
> If the content is sensitive you can either encrypt the data yourself
> before it goes to Dropbox (see e.g. ecryptfs) or use a service that does
> this as part of its process (see e.g. spideroak).
> Not that I have anything against doing thing other ways - I'm just
> pointing out that privacy concerns don't, of themselves, mean you can't
> use Dropbox (or similar).

Sure, you are correct. However, if there are Android devices in the mix,
encrypting locally before sending to Dropbox becomes inconvenient (or at
least too inconvenient for me). I am not sure about spideroak's support for
android, and I recall having experienced problems (I no longer remember the
details) with Wuala.



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