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Re: [O] Favorite way of syncing?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] Favorite way of syncing?
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 23:18:12 +0800
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address@hidden (Jorge A. Alfaro-Murillo) writes:

> Tobias Frischholz writes:
>> I was wondering what is your favorite way of syncing your org files
>> and everything. 
> [...] 
>> I’ve also read about org-sync and magit (git is an option for me).
>> And now I’m starting the get confused.
> magit is just the emacs mode for git, if you don't have it and use git
> you should really install it. But it does not sync anything you still
> have to M-x magit <enter> F F and M-x magit <enter> P P, for pull and
> push.
> I have several computers and synchronize my org files with git. I
> think it is the best option because I do not have to worry about the
> sync not working (for example when I do not have a connection) and
> conflicts in the files.

I do this, too. I don't think Magit helps much, in fact I'd be better
off writing functions for `emacs-startup-hook' and `kill-emacs-hook'
that do my pushes and pulls for me.

But for now, I just try to remember to commit and push before I leave a

This way, you also really learn to appreciate using "git fetch" and "git
status", rather than doing a blind "git pull".


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