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Re: [O] ob-csharp

From: Thomas S . Dye
Subject: Re: [O] ob-csharp
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2015 09:28:14 -1000

Aloha thomas,

thomas <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> could not find ob-csharp in org mode. I created one to make the pointy 
> haired boss happy.
> It's based on Eric's ob-java.el with some bits taken from other ob files.
> It works for the simple examples following below.
> Hope this is useful and I'm open for hints to improve the code.
> - thomas

Thanks for your contribution.  I hope the pointy haired boss is happy :)

Please give some thought to exactly how you'd like to contribute
ob-csharp.  See http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contribute.html

It can live in core, contrib, or as an emacs package.

I'm not sure who makes decisions about Babel code these days, but
someone will step up when you choose your path.

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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