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Re: [O] [bug] org-cycle changed behavior in orgstruct-mode

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] [bug] org-cycle changed behavior in orgstruct-mode
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 21:39:14 +0200
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>> Do you mean to change org-cycle-internal-local as in this patch or to make
>> a hook around it?
> The former. However, a hook is OK too, but I couldn't find an acceptable
> candidate.
> Funnily, `org-end-of-subtree' does the exact opposite: it hard-codes
> behaviour and switch to the slow, outline.el, function when in
> a different mode. Other functions do not even have a fast path (e.g.
> `org-forward-heading-same-level').
> We could make these functions faster, but we first need to decide how to
> proceed when it happens.

But are the slowdowns associated with outline.el functions anything that
will realistically be felt in normal usage?

>  After all, maybe the most simple path is good ole advice. Since
> `orgstruct-mode' already hijacks bindings, the next step would be to do
> the same for functions.

IMO the biggest advantage of orgstruct is that it has more sensible
keybindings than outline.  Of course it's also nice with lists and tables
(assuming they are not in orgstruct++; don't remember)...  Adding advice
to orgstruct, which is a mess anyway, won't make it any worse than it

I'm all for advising if that's easier or if we want to add workarounds in
more places.  For my problem, the proposed one line patch fixes it,

>> Maybe the exception should be if orgstruct is detected rather than if
>> org is not detected.
> Not really, because you can have orgstruct on even in an Org buffer.


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