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[O] Help testing orgmode connection to interactive web environment

From: Bill Burdick
Subject: [O] Help testing orgmode connection to interactive web environment
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 14:49:57 +0000

Hi there!

I'm working on an open-source web-based platform for interactive editable documents that uses orgmode format, called Leisure.  I have minor mode that connects it to Emacs orgmode buffers so that edits are mirrored between them.

I've been working on this for quite a while and I'm putting together an announcement document but I still wouldn't call it robust or complete, yet.

My goal is to put together a video and make an announcement soon but I want to make sure I have covered a "reasonable amount" of orgmode and also have a "reasonable amount" of neato functionality, so I'm looking for brave souls who:

- use orgmode regularly
- want an editable web representation that updates as they edit in Emacs
- won't mind some exciting adventures
- don't mind dirtying their hands with software that's still a bit buggy

Anyone think they might be interested in helping me test this thing and giving me their impressions?

If you'd like to see what I have, so far, you can view the rough, unpolished version of my Emacs-to-Leisure document (subject to drastic change).  At this point, this link is in flux so your mileage may vary:


-- Bill Burdick

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