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[O] Logging the new time on a reschedule.

From: Malcolm Purvis
Subject: [O] Logging the new time on a reschedule.
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:09:43 +1000
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I would like to log the new time as well as the old when changing the
scheduling or deadline of a task.  I changed the value of
org-log-note-headings to include the new time (%s) in the reschedule

    (reschedule .  "Rescheduled from %S to %s on %t")

and set org-log-reschedule to 'time.  However the new time is missing
from the log entry:

    - Rescheduled from "[2015-08-21 Fri]" to  on [2015-08-19 Wed 11:03]

I expected this instead:

    - Rescheduled from "[2015-08-29 Sat]" to "[2015-09-19 Sat]" on [2015-08-19 
Wed 11:38]

The cause is neither org-schedule nor org-deadline pass the the new time
to org-add-log-setup.  Is there a reason for this?


               Malcolm Purvis <address@hidden>

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