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[O] fa5fd6351605912ec75e783cb62649 breaks org-babel-script-escape for ob

From: Matthew MacLean
Subject: [O] fa5fd6351605912ec75e783cb62649 breaks org-babel-script-escape for ob-ruby
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:52:39 -0600


fa5fd6351605912ec75e783cb626497b1ebe471e introduced a change where org-babel-script-escape stopped accepting numbers. This caused an issue in ob-ruby.el where when trying to evaluate something like "2 + 2", you would get the message:

  `org-babel-script-escape' expects a string

This broke evaluation of Ruby code blocks.

I suspect this is not the only location where this problem might arise, so I am submitting a patch so the function simply returns numbers if they are passed in rather than dying. (Because numbers don't need to be escaped, and this was the previous behaviour.)


By the way, sorry if this ends up being a duplicate... I learned not so long ago I needed to subscribe to actually post here and wasn't sure if my last post went to /dev/null or is just awaiting moderation. (I tested to make sure the patch still works with the most recent commit of the maint branch.)

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