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Re: [O] Babel error on init with 8.3.1

From: Peter Salazar
Subject: Re: [O] Babel error on init with 8.3.1
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:14:18 -0400

Thanks. Tried that, but then when I launch regular Emacs with my init file, I still get this error:

Any other ideas? 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 7:18 PM, Cook, Malcolm <address@hidden> wrote:

Try that recipe again but without the org-reload.  That is forcing org to load.  You don’t WANT org loaded when you build it again inside the package manager.


From: Peter Salazar [mailto:address@hidden]
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 4:30 PM
To: Cook, Malcolm <address@hidden>
Cc: Ryan Schuetzler <address@hidden>; address@hidden

Subject: Re: [O] Babel error on init with 8.3.1


Update: the install of org-plus-contrib was eventually successful, but it seems that my attempt to launch a GUI version Emacs -Q didn't work. 


Here's what I did: 


$ open -a /Applications/Emacs.app --args --no-init


C-u M-x org-reload




select and delete org-plus-contrib


package-install org-plus-contrib


But then when I quit and launch Emacs without the --no-init argument, I still get:


Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable org-planning-line-re)

  org-element--current-element(168330 element planning nil)


...which I think means org-plus-contrib was not successfully upgraded. 


Any thoughts? Thanks!




On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 4:43 PM, Peter Salazar <address@hidden> wrote:

I'm trying to do this for my other install of Emacs (which uses Spacemacs) and now I'm running into problems. I'm using GUI Emacs on Mac OSX (from brew install --with-cocoa --srgb emacs).


When I do open -a /Applications/Emacs.app --args --no-init --eval "(progn (require 'package) (add-to-list 'package-archives '(\"org\" . \"http://orgmode.org/elpa/\")) (package-initialize) (package-refresh-contents) (package-install 'org-plus-contrib))" it never gets pastContacting host: orgmode.org:80. It just shows that message indefinitely...


When I try eval-ing package.el first, I get package-desc-reqs accessing a non-package-desc and I can't install org-plus-contrib. Any suggestions?



On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 1:08 PM, Cook, Malcolm <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi – here is my more detailed variation that just got upvoted at stackoverflow  for resolving essentially the same problem:






From: emacs-orgmode-bounces+mec=address@hidden [mailto:emacs-orgmode-bounces+mec=address@hidden] On Behalf Of Cook, Malcolm
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 9:32 AM
To: 'Ryan Schuetzler' <address@hidden>; address@hidden
Subject: Re: [O] Babel error on init with 8.3.1


When you “ updated org through the package manager in Emacs,” I believe you need to make sure org has not been loaded at all.


My practice is to exec `emacs –Q`, immediately update with package manager, then quit and restart emacs without the –Q.


Let us know….


From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden] On Behalf Of Ryan Schuetzler
Sent: Friday, August 07, 2015 9:41 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: [O] Babel error on init with 8.3.1


On startup with the latest 8.3 release I now get an error: 


  Invalid function: org-babel-header-args-safe-fn


I updated org through the package manager in Emacs, and I'm using it on Windows 10. Below is my full org configuration, but I've found that when I comment out the following section of my init, I don't receive any errors:


(add-hook 'org-babel-after-execute-hook 'bh/display-inline-images 'append)


(setq org-babel-results-keyword "results")


(defun bh/display-inline-images ()

  (condition-case nil


(error nil)))



 (quote org-babel-load-languages)

 (quote ((emacs-lisp . t)

          (latex . t)

          (R . t)

          (dot . t)

          (python . t)

          (org . t))))


(setq org-confirm-babel-evaluate nil)


FULL Config:


Emacs  : GNU Emacs (x86_64-w64-mingw32)

 of 2015-07-11 on KAEL

Package: Org-mode version 8.3.1 (8.3.1-elpa @ c:/Users/Ryan/dotfiles/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20150805/)


current state:



 org-export-backends '(ascii html icalendar latex md odt)

 org-agenda-tags-todo-honor-ignore-options t

 org-tab-first-hook '(org-hide-block-toggle-maybe org-babel-hide-result-toggle-maybe org-babel-header-arg-expand)

 org-babel-results-keyword "results"

 org-speed-command-hook '(org-speed-command-default-hook org-babel-speed-command-hook)

 org-occur-hook '(org-first-headline-recenter)

 org-metaup-hook '(org-babel-load-in-session-maybe)

 org-confirm-shell-link-function 'yes-or-no-p

 org-agenda-exporter-settings '((ps-number-of-columns 1) (ps-landscape-mode t) (htmlize-output-type (quote cc)))

 org-agenda-custom-commands '(("N" "Notes" tags "NOTE"

                                                                                    ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Notes") (org-tags-match-list-sublevels t)))

                                                                                   ("h" "Habits" tags-todo "STYLE=\"habit\""

                                                                                    ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Habits")

                                                                                              (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (todo-state-down effort-up category-keep))))


                                                                                   (" " "Agenda"

                                                                                    ((agenda "" nil)

                                                                                              (tags "REFILE"

                                                                                              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Tasks to Refile")

                                                                                               (org-tags-match-list-sublevels nil))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-CANCELLED/!"

                                                                                              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Stuck Projects")

                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-non-stuck-projects))

                                                                                               (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (category-keep))))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-HOLD-CANCELLED/!"

                                                                                              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Projects")

                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-non-projects))

                                                                                               (org-tags-match-list-sublevels (quote indented))

                                                                                               (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (category-keep))))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-CANCELLED/!NEXT"


                                                                                                (concat "Project Next Tasks"

                                                                                                          (if bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks ""

                                                                                                          " (including WAITING and SCHEDULED tasks)")



                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-projects-and-habits-and-single-tasks))

                                                                                               (org-tags-match-list-sublevels t)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (todo-state-down effort-up category-keep))))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-REFILE-CANCELLED-WAITING-HOLD/!"


                                                                                                (concat "Standalone Tasks"

                                                                                                          (if bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks ""

                                                                                                          " (including WAITING and SCHEDULED tasks)")



                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-project-tasks))

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (category-keep))))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-REFILE-CANCELLED-WAITING-HOLD/!"


                                                                                                (concat "Project Subtasks"

                                                                                                          (if bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks ""

                                                                                                          " (including WAITING and SCHEDULED tasks)")



                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-non-project-tasks))

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date bh/hide-scheduled-and-waiting-next-tasks)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (category-keep))))


                                                                                              (tags-todo "-CANCELLED+WAITING|HOLD/!"

                                                                                              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Waiting and Postponed Tasks")

                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-stuck-projects))

                                                                                               (org-tags-match-list-sublevels nil) (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled t)

                                                                                               (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines t))


                                                                                              (tags "-REFILE/"

                                                                                              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Tasks to Archive")

                                                                                               (org-agenda-skip-function (quote bh/skip-non-archivable-tasks))

                                                                                               (org-tags-match-list-sublevels nil))





 org-return-follows-link t

 org-default-notes-file "~/Dropbox/org/inbox.org"

 org-todo-keyword-faces '(("TODO" :foreground "tomato" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("NEXT" :foreground "deep sky blue" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("DONE" :foreground "medium spring green" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("WAITING" :foreground "orange" :weight bold) ("HOLD" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("CANCELLED" :foreground "medium spring green" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("MEETING" :foreground "medium spring green" :weight bold)

                                                                       ("PHONE" :foreground "medium spring green" :weight bold))

 org-after-todo-state-change-hook '(org-clock-out-if-current)

 org-from-is-user-regexp nil

 org-src-mode-hook '(org-src-babel-configure-edit-buffer org-src-mode-configure-edit-buffer)

 org-agenda-before-write-hook '(org-agenda-add-entry-text)

 org-babel-pre-tangle-hook '(save-buffer)

 org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks nil

 org-mode-hook '(evil-org-mode

                                              #[nil "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"

                                                [org-add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-show-block-all append local] 5]

                                              #[nil "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"

                                                [org-add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-babel-show-result-all append local] 5]

                                              org-babel-result-hide-spec org-babel-hide-all-hashes)

 org-refile-targets '((nil :maxlevel . 9) (org-agenda-files :maxlevel . 9))

 org-outline-path-complete-in-steps nil

 org-todo-state-tags-triggers '(("CANCELLED" ("CANCELLED" . t)) ("WAITING" ("WAITING" . t))

                                                                                              ("HOLD" ("WAITING") ("HOLD" . t)) ("TODO" ("WAITING") ("CANCELLED") ("HOLD"))

                                                                                              ("NEXT" ("WAITING") ("CANCELLED") ("HOLD"))

                                                                                              ("DONE" ("WAITING") ("CANCELLED") ("HOLD")))

 org-stuck-projects '("" nil nil "")

 org-archive-hook '(org-attach-archive-delete-maybe)

 org-agenda-compact-blocks t

 org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-hook '(org-babel-hash-at-point org-babel-execute-safely-maybe)

 org-refile-use-outline-path t

 org-directory "~/Dropbox/org"

 org-insert-mode-line-in-empty-file t

 org-cycle-hook '(org-cycle-hide-archived-subtrees org-cycle-hide-drawers org-cycle-show-empty-lines


 org-refile-allow-creating-parent-nodes 'confirm

 org-todo-keywords '((sequence "TODO(t)" "NEXT(n)" "|" "DONE(d)")

                                                          (sequence "WAITING(w@/!)" "HOLD(h@/!)" "|" "CANCELLED(c@/!)" "PHONE" "MEETING"))

 org-modules '(org-bbdb org-bibtex org-habit org-irc)

 org-fast-tag-selection-single-key 'expert

 org-babel-tangle-lang-exts '(("latex" . "tex") ("emacs-lisp" . "el") ("elisp" . "el"))

 org-confirm-elisp-link-function 'yes-or-no-p

 org-metadown-hook '(org-babel-pop-to-session-maybe)

 org-babel-after-execute-hook '(bh/display-inline-images)

 org-completion-use-ido t

 org-indirect-buffer-display 'current-window

 org-babel-load-languages '((emacs-lisp . t) (latex . t) (R . t) (dot . t) (python . t) (org . t))

 org-habit-graph-column 50

 org-agenda-mode-hook '(hl-line-mode)

 org-agenda-files '("~/Dropbox/org")

 org-clock-out-hook '(org-clock-remove-empty-clock-drawer bh/remove-empty-drawer-on-clock-out)

 org-refile-target-verify-function 'bh/verify-refile-target

 org-tag-alist '((:startgroup) ("@errand" . 101) ("@office" . 111) ("@home" . 104) (:endgroup) ("WAITING" . 87)

                                              ("HOLD" . 72) ("PERSONAL" . 112) ("WORK" . 119) ("ORG" . 79) ("NOTE" . 110) ("CANCELLED" . 99)

                                              ("FLAGGED" . 63))






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