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[O] wrong type argument listp... org-element-set-contents

From: Peter Salazar
Subject: [O] wrong type argument listp... org-element-set-contents
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 23:11:22 -0400

I'm getting a strange error whenever I try to export an org file, and I'm not sure how to track down the cause. It seemed to start when I upgraded to org 8.3.1, but it's hard to tell because this is the first time I've exported anything in a week or so. 

The error says: 
(wrong-type-argument listp #("Test document" 0 13 (:parent (#1))))
  org-element-set-contents(#("Test document" 0 13 (:parent (#0))))

I was able to figure out that the error only occurs when I have an org file with document data, e.g. a line like:

#+TITLE: Test document

When I remove that line as well as #+AUTHOR etc, then it exports fine. With that line it, it won't export to HTML, LaTeX, or text.

Any suggestions on how to figure out what part of my configuration is causing the problem? Here's the complete Backtrace: https://gist.github.com/fe45c4d42d52f0ce0e42


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