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Re: [O] sudo uninstall org? Can it be done?

From: Ista Zahn
Subject: Re: [O] sudo uninstall org? Can it be done?
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 18:45:14 -0400

I had this problem too, but only on one of my machines. In my case it was triggered by "(require 'ob-R)". Running "byte-compile-file" on ob-R.el fixed it for me. I don't know what that means, but maybe it will give someone a clue as to how to track this down.


On Aug 5, 2015 6:23 PM, "Bastien Guerry" <address@hidden> wrote:
Sharon Kimble <address@hidden> writes:

> ╭────
> │org-babel-safe-header-args , and I think it said something about the
> | function being void. |
> ╰────

A similar error is also reported here:

Anyone knows how to reproduce and fix this?


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