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Re: [O] Calling a source block with raw results

From: Xavier Garrido
Subject: Re: [O] Calling a source block with raw results
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 21:47:12 +0100
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Hi Tom,

Le 04/01/2015 21:29, Thomas S. Dye a écrit :
Aloha Xavier,

Xavier Garrido <address@hidden> writes:

Since I am explicitly writing all the org code, I would like to call the
function and gets a *raw* results by doing

#+CALL: org-figure-to-slide[:exports none :results raw]()

I think the problem is that you are specifying :results raw as an
'inside header argument' rather than an 'end header argument'.  Inside
header arguments affect ow the code block is evaluated.  End header
arguments affect how the results are incorporated into the Org mode
buffer.  See section 14.5 of the manual.

Does the following call line do what you want?

#+CALL: org-figure-to-slide() :results raw

Thanks for your quick answer. Nevertheless, adding :results raw at the end changes the formatting output but embeds everything within paren. Given your advice, I am pretty closed to what I want to do by adding another :results raw command either as an inside header arguments or directly when declaring the =org-figure-to-slide= code like

#+NAME: org-figure-to-slide
#+HEADERS: :var title="Empty title"
#+HEADERS: :var dir="./figures" :var ext="*.pdf"
#+HEADERS: :var options=""
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results raw

Thanks again for your help,


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