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[O] Exporting to HTML without IDs

From: Vincent Beffara
Subject: [O] Exporting to HTML without IDs
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:27:18 +0200


I want to manage my web page using org-mode, and to have a navigation bar also 
encoded in org. The problem is that the org-to-html conversion function adds 
IDs to all headers, and the same ids occur on the nav bar and the main content. 
Things link sec-1, outline-2 and so on. The words 'sec' and 'outline' seem to 
be hardcoded. Of course this makes html validators a bit nervous ...

Is there a simple way to either remove those ids, or make them start at say 
1001 for one part?

[In case it matters, I am using o-blog and org-mode 7.9.2 with mostly default 



Vincent Beffara

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