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[O] Feature request: HTML export classes for "real" lists

From: sand
Subject: [O] Feature request: HTML export classes for "real" lists
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 20:48:08 -0700

In org-html-export-list-line, Org list elements use the expected "dt", "dd" and
"li" tags:

        (insert (cond
                 ((equal type "d")
                  (format "<dt>%s</dt><dd>" desc-tag))
                 ((and (equal type "o") counter)
                  (format "<li value=\"%s\">" counter))
                 (t "<li>")))

But the exporter also uses HTML list elements in other contexts; the tags
are overloaded.  This means you can't set up CSS definitions to tweak
just "real" lists.  Can someone add class attributes to each of the
"dt", "dd" and "li" items in the above code block?  For example

    <dt class="org-dt">...</dt>
    <dd class="org-dd">...</dd>
    <li class="org-li">...</li>

or something similar.  This should provide enough hooks for people to work with.



Derek Upham

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