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[O] Tangle only current code block?

From: Yann Le Du
Subject: [O] Tangle only current code block?
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 01:00:05 +0200


I have a bunch of code chunks with stuff like <<fun name>> and headers like :tangle toto.c exporting to different files in noweb style

If I use C-c C-v t, it extracts all of those code chunks nicely

However, sometimes I would like to put my cursor inside one of those code chunks and then extract only that one, not the others.

Is there a simple way ?

I narly found a solution, but to make it work nicely I need to put org-babel-tangle inside a macro, but it fails: if I define a macro :

C-x (
M-x org-babel-tangle
C-x )
C-x e

it fails, saying wrong type argument stringp, nul

I'm lost.


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