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Re: [O] New user, my use case, request basic advice

From: Erik Hetzner
Subject: Re: [O] New user, my use case, request basic advice
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 21:46:06 -0700
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At Mon, 17 Sep 2012 12:03:58 -0700,
David Rogers wrote:
> Hi
> I'm gradually getting accustomed to org-mode; thanks to all those whose
> work makes this great software keep getting even better.
> I've been trying to figure out how to integrate org-mode into my
> gadgets and my situation, and realize that I've been thinking about
> it upside down. The missing piece of the puzzle, for me, the thing I
> don't know how to accomplish, is the most important one to have. So,
> here's what I've got and what I'm trying to do:
> […]
> Thanks for any thoughts or advice on how this might be done.

Hi David,

My setup, for slightly different goals, but which could probably meet
your needs, is as follows.

I keep my computers (laptop, work desktop, & server) notes directory
(which contain my org files) synced using gitdocs [1]. This means that
I always have the same org files on each machine. You could use the
same setup to keep your org files synced with a server and use the
rest of the setup below to accomplish mobile syncing.

(Some remarks on gitdocs follow. Disadvantages: if I leave an org file
open on one machine, and it gets updated on another, emacs complains
because the file has changed. Alternatives: sync using dropbox.)

I have an android phone, on which I use mobileorg. I use this, as near
as I can tell, in the ordinary way, except that I run
org-mobile-pull/push in crontabs on a server (actually, I just set
this up, but it seems to work). Because my notes are synced (via
gitdocs) across computers, this works fine.

  15 * * * * emacs24 --batch -l /home/egh/.emacs --eval "(org-mobile-pull)"
  20 * * * * emacs24 --batch -l /home/egh/.emacs --eval "(org-mobile-push)"

I use org-caldav to sync my events to a google calendar. This is
connected to my calendar on android. I suppose that I could use the
mobileorg sync calendar function, but this seemed safer. My phone has
a widget on the main screen that displays my next appointment. I
assume that getting audible notifications is just a matter of

I run the caldav sync on my server [2] every hour, using the

  10 * * * * emacs24 --batch -l /home/egh/.emacs --eval "(load-library 
\"org-caldav\")" --eval "(org-caldav-sync)" > /dev/null 2>&1

Because my server’s notes dir is synced (using gitdocs) with my laptop
& desktop, if I add an appointment on my laptop or desktop, it should
be pushed to my google calendar in an hour at most.

For the record, I also run the following:

  0 5 * * * emacs --batch -l /home/egh/.emacs --eval 
"(org-batch-store-agenda-views)" > /dev/null 2>&1 && mailx -s Agenda 
address@hidden < /tmp/agenda_schedule_day

This generates an agenda & emails it to me daily. Furthermore, my
agenda is pushed to an HTTP server, and I use it as my home page. So I
look at it every time I see a new browser window.

Hope that helps!

best, Erik

1. https://github.com/bazaarlabs/gitdocs
2. Note that getting credentials set up is a little tricky. See
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