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Re: [O] Differences between MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG

From: Robert Eckl
Subject: Re: [O] Differences between MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 21:20:49 +0200
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Laurent Hoeltgen writes:

> I noticed today, that there are two apps for org-mode on android, 
> namely MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG.
> Is there any significant difference between them in terms of 
> functionality and stability? Is any of them to be recommended over the 
> other one?

MobileOrg has some useful features more than MobileOrgNG, for example
sync with calendar (IIRC google or telephone) at least Org to calendar. 

Here you find a short opinion to the difference:

In past IIRC MobileOrg does not provide to see the entries of the different
org-files, only the agenda and TODO-List was visible.

If i Push the org-files under Windows with MobileOrg the different
org-files are not synced, but with MobileOrgNG they are. If i push the
org-files under Mac OS, the org-files are synced even with MobileOrg.  

I'm mostly using MobileOrgNG with the disadvantage, that the content of Drawers
on Android are not visible. 

You can play with both and decide later, whats your favorite.


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