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Re: [O] Differences between MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG

From: Moritz Ulrich
Subject: Re: [O] Differences between MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 18:57:56 +0200
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Laurent Hoeltgen writes:

> Hi,
> I noticed today, that there are two apps for org-mode on android, namely 
> MobileOrg and MobileOrgNG.
> Is there any significant difference between them in terms of 
> functionality and stability? Is any of them to be recommended over the 
> other one?

As far as I know, MobileOrg is the original implementation where NG was
forked from. When I started using org-mobile, I used the NG version, but
switched to the 'original' version where development is more active.

However, I really prefer the NG user interface over normal MobileOrg's.
It feels more modern and better integrated to Android 4.0. (Though it's not

I'd really like to improve the look of MobileOrg itself, but I really
can't get myself to program in java.

> So far, I've been using MobileOrg and it worked for me.
> Regards,
> Laurent

Moritz Ulrich

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