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Re: [O] Org-mode release 7.9

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] Org-mode release 7.9
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:36:56 -0600
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>> I'm not sure what "providing the link" entails.  Does this mean
>> coordinating with elpa.gnu.org so that orgplus becomes available through
>> the gnu elpa?  That sounds ideal.
> I was actually thinking of using orgmode.org as the package repository
> for orgplus.  I don't think it is a good idea to provide both org and
> orgplus via ELPA as long as no "negative" dependencies can be expressed
> via the package manager.

Agreed, this would simply mean generating an archive-contents file on
the Org-mode site which lists the latest org and orgplus archive.  I'm
not sure which elisp function is used to generate this file, but it
could be done directly from the server.mk file with something like...

    # -*- Makefile -*-
            echo "(1 (org     . [($(PKG_TAG)) nil \"$(PKG_DOC)\"])"  > $<; \
            echo "   (orgplus . [($(PKG_TAG)) nil \"$(PKG_DOC)\"]))" > $<;

Bastien, does this sound like a good idea?  I'd love to finally get this
package published.


Eric Schulte

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